Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat class of 2016

Ms Suzy Haymaker
Fifi La Doom
Riley Rinkrash
Ursa Major
Annie Cannon
Mosh Pitt
Slam Houston
Valkyrie Vixen
Space Demon-Cha

Fresh Meat class of 2015

Raging Gypsy Rose, 907 – Morgan Cole
Rockabilly Roadkill, 1054 – Amy Cornish
Lady Lightning, 666 – Crystal Hall
Salty Wench, 916 – Megan Hall
Little Spike, 74 – Caitlin Hough
Soarin’ Kierkeguard, 984 – Lauren Lamar
Olive Lamp, 79 – Kelsey Lorence
Gin An Toxic – Christine Lorson
N’at itude, 412 – Kate Malongowski
Scary Gross, 88 – Becky Price
Barbie Blackheart, 3 – Shannon Quinlisk
Infinite Pest, 51 – Jocelyn Rice
Ginger Fightus, 230 – Jodi Thornton

Fresh Meat Class of 2014

Monica McElwain
Amanda Synowiec
April Farina
Brianna Pollock
Caitlyn Oconnell
Claire Tomko
Connie Moretti
Emily Weise-King
Heather Keith
Lynn Ratkovich
Marie Park
Mindy Kay
Sara Aion
Sheila Schweikart
Sue Kelly
DawnMarie Heaton
Alicia Vandall (aka McKilla Guerrilla)
Phoebe Hernick (Poison Envy)

Fresh Meat Class of 2013

Beatriz B.
Jeananne B.
Sarah H.
Tess H.
Wendy K.
Mary Ann M.
Lisa M.
Celeste P.
Stephanie S.
Lauren W.
Colleen Y.
Tara Z.
Fresh Meat tryouts are held in March, annually.  If you are interested in trying out for the Steel City Roller Derby, please email  Check out the “Join Us” section of this website for more information!